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“O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.” (2:153)

Namaz is an important form of worship for Muslim in their religion ISLAM. Even one who leaves continually prayers either with reason or without a reason is not considered as a Muslim. What about those who offer Namaz (Prayer) but they don’t know how to say prayer? What is the meaning which they are praying before ALLAH? How much Rakat in Farz (Farz means duty) and how much in Sunnah? What are the elements of prayer? How to say prayers?

Learning Nimaz application answers all above mentioned questions, a complete and detail procedure to say prayer step by step with Arabic speech and with written both in Arabic and translated in English. Learning Namaz is a valuable gift for the newer Muslims who just enter into the Islam. And those who don’t know, how to say Namaz (Prayer)? And hesitate to learn form others, this application can teach them the whole about Namaz.

Learning Namaz not even teaches them yet a complete voice speech is there to make a correct pronunciation in Arabic and what is a correct sense to speak?

1. How much Farz (farz means Duty) Namaz are in a day for any Muslim?

2. Name of Namaz?

3. How much Farz are in one Namaz?

4. How much Sunnahs are in one Namaz?

5. What to pray (Dua) before ALLAH during prayer?

6. How to Bow and how to stand before ALLAH?

7. How to perform Sajda before ALLAH?

8. What is meant by Dua which we pray to ALLAH in English Translation?

9. A complete voice speech how to phrase prays (Duas) in Arabic?

10. A complete pictorial steps for each Namaz with complete translation with verbal and no-verbal.

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